Top 5 Leeds Eateries That You Do Not Want To Miss Out On

“Food is Love, Food is Life; you need the secret key to both, when you’re traveling without a Wife!”


The Indian restaurant Hansa’s bravura culinary experience is one that predominantly bursts with strong flavours of the classic, vegetarian, Gujrati Indian cuisine. If you’re not wanting to risk your eat-out budget, then you can safely order the famous blend of onions, spices and seyon served as ‘Bhel Puri’, a five-pulse packed ‘Chevti Daal’ and Hansa’s ‘Spice Bomb’ which is a deep-fried potato sandwich and this again is meat-free article that would be worth the money. Hansa’s signature dish is a combination of a whole stuffed tomato containing her very own zesty paneer mix. This classic eatery is a must-try for all Indian food aficionados.

Viet Guy

It is undeniably true that one dining experience at Viet Guy, makes you crave for more. Once you settle yourself, admiring the colourful pickled garlic pots placed on the tables, while allowing the Vietnamese aroma to pervade through your lungs; you can peacefully start exploring their menu. Their extensive yet finely-chosen menu consists of varieties between the bòkho which is a moderately cooked spicy beef stew served with vegetables, to a càtím which is a popular stir-fried aubergine dish. Beyond the beefy delicacy, Viet Guy also has other diversities to offer such aspho noodle soups, and stir-fried goat stuffed with chilli and lemongrass. This is the perfect hub for Vietnamese thrills.

Brasserie Forty 4

Brasserie Forty 4 is a vibrantly classic restaurant which offers an amazing waterside balcony to enhance a contemporary dining experience. What makes Brasserie Forty 4 exclusively special is their electrifying menu; the restaurant rotates its menu every two months, exhibiting the finest British and Mediterranean cuisine options to choose from. Their signature delicacies include Portobello mushrooms which are glazed with goat’s cheese, drizzled with tomato sauce and finely plated with fresh spinach and pine nuts. Oh, such a treat to the taste buds!


Over three phenomenal decades of producing top-notch quality Italian food in Leeds, amidst the voguish suburbs of Headingley; Salvo’s has earned a reputation as an Italian dining experience to relish. For those seeking an extravagant, cutting-edge, classy dish to nibble on; Salvo’s menu offers a choice of salads ranging between octopus, potato and samphire, while the deep-fried genre offers squid plated with zucchini and caper mayonnaise. Under warm lights and a casual set-up to enjoy a meal in your own comfort zone, Salvo’s has the best experience to bid.

The Reliance

20 years and still standing flavourful in the horn of Leeds, ‘The Reliance’ has upheld its standards and culinary edge as an enthusiastic café-bar and an in-house charcuterie. For those looking for a guaranteed night thrill with a blend of fresh home-based food coupled with classic natural wines and beers; the Reliance is a must stop-over. Chef Tom Hunter is an inspiring aficionado in the kitchen, when it comes to portion plating skills and seasonality. The most prominent dishes that people usually order are Yorkshire pork sausages both sauce-dipped and served with potato mash or fully bread-baked, and also Erdinger-battered haddock plated with spinach sprouts and finger fries.

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