5 Annual Food and Drink Festivals in Leeds

Anyone who has visited Leeds knows that it’s a thriving, spirited city with plenty going on. Good quality food and drink are ingrained in the culture and some great events go on throughout the year to celebrate culinary excellence. Whether you love your beer, want to try some sophisticated cocktails or explore new and exciting […]

5 Top Events To Enjoy in Leeds This Christmas

If you’re staying at our Leeds hostel this Christmas, you’re certainly in for a big treat. We get plenty of visitors from around the world at this time of year and they all want to take in the festive atmosphere and have a good time. Leeds is one of the friendliest and exciting places to […]

8 Annual Events in Leeds You Can’t Miss!

There’s an eclectic mix of things to do throughout the year in Leeds. It’s one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the UK and home to a vibrant student community that just loves to party. We get a lot of different people from around the world staying at our hostel. We can safely say, no […]

Why Leeds is a Great Place for Theatre

Leeds is a Great Place for Theatre When you visit any new place, one of the first things that you may want to discover is it’s heart and soul. Most old cities like Leeds have a rich history and the recent investment in the arts has made a huge difference to the cultural landscape of […]

The Best Vegetarian Friendly Places to Eat in Leeds

The Best Vegetarian Friendly Places to Eat in Leeds Leeds is an exciting, thriving city with a huge student population. If you’re a backpacker or visitor staying at our hostel, you’re certainly going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to entertainment. One question we often get asked by visitors at our Russel Scott […]

Things To Do In Leeds

Things To Do In Leeds: Exploring The Owl Trail Many travellers who stay at the Russel Scott Hostel in Leeds have gotten into owls recently. To outsiders that might seem a little strange. If you want to explore the city and find out about its history, however, following the owl trail has become something of […]

5 Reasons that make Leeds the Best Student City

Making a choice to spend three years of university in a city completely unknown while waiting for a degree, can sometimes seem like a nightmare. However, despite the hectic study schedules, here are the reasons which clearly sets Leeds apart, to take the lead when making a degree choice: Budget-Friendly Accommodation:Since the tuition fee keeps […]

Top 5 Leeds Eateries That You Do Not Want To Miss Out On

“Food is Love, Food is Life; you need the secret key to both, when you’re traveling without a Wife!” Hansa’s The Indian restaurant Hansa’s bravura culinary experience is one that predominantly bursts with strong flavours of the classic, vegetarian, Gujrati Indian cuisine. If you’re not wanting to risk your eat-out budget, then you can safely […]

How to Find Cheap Accommodation

If you want to save more than a few bucks, then opting for a cheap accommodation is the way to do it. Regardless of your accommodation taste, one thing everyone has in common is that no one wants to pay a fortune for it. Fortunately, there are many ways to find cheap accommodation when you […]