The Top 10 Nightclubs in Leeds

The Top 10 Nightclubs in Leeds

There’s no doubt about it; Leeds is a party town, and there’s no way that every bar and club could ever be covered in a quick blog as there’s just so many of them. However, we’re categorising quickly and giving the run-down of the pick of the Top 10 Nightclubs in the city. So, in no particular order…

Ideally located by the station and by lots of fast food joints for post-clubbing snacks, Pryzm is quite a generic-feeling club but a big one, and somewhere you’ll be guaranteed a good night.

Very much a student club, Space has no dress code, no bad vibes and lots of drinks offers. Expect less Grey Goose and table service, more cheesy tunes and sweaty dancefloors.

A classic cocktail club that feels like stepping back in time or a night out in the 80s or 90s, this small bar is hidden down a back alley – but don’t be put off! Embrace its cheap Monday nights but don’t wear a lot of layers; its small size means it gets hot quickly. More here

An old-school drum-and-bass vibe dominates Warehouse, which is famous for its Friday night, Sticky Feet. It’s not the cheapest club in the city but is a firm favourite amongst students and residents alike.

Situated in Cardigan Fields Industrial Estate, Control can feel more super-club than standard nightclub because its just so big. As a result, it often doesn’t fill up until the early hours of the morning, so perhaps save it for later in your night rather than earlier on.

A mixed bag of different nights and genres, HiFi is a smaller sized club but its variety offers something for everyone throughout the week.

Another eclectic mix of music and people, Wire is most famous for its Thursday night events, cheap drink offers and relaxed dress codes. More

Perhaps the ultimate student club, Fruity embraces cheesy music and ridiculously cheap drinks year-round for the city’s university population to enjoy.

An old-school down-and-dirty nightclub, Mission isn’t the easiest place in the world to find but is the perfect place for a messy night.

Canal Mills
Situated out on the outskirts of the city, this former industrial complex offers amazing surroundings in which to indulge an all-night party – and despite its location, it never fails to fill with clubbers and ravers, no matter the occasion. More here

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