The Best Cheap Eats in Sheffield

The 6 Best Budget Eats in Sheffield

When you’re travelling on a budget, finding cheap places to eat is important. Ideally you want to experience something new but you don’t want to compromise on quality if you’re watching those purse strings. We asked backpackers and travellers staying at our Sheffield hostel where they like to find some great scran at a great cost.

For those planning to visit in the future, here’s our quick guide to some of the best places to find excellent food without burning a hole in your budget.

The Blue Moon Café
It’s been over 20 years since this vegetarian and vegan café started up just off Cathedral Square in the city centre and it’s never looked back. For those seeking healthy, non-meat options, this is the perfect place to grab a bite. The menu is limited but it is carefully thought through and changes every day. This is simple veggie fayre at a decent price, nothing could be better.

Check here for directions.

Wig & Pen
Located on Campo Lane, this is the perfect location if your foodie fun is found in the pub. It’s very social and has some great cooking delivered by quality chefs, including succulent pulled pork and vegetarian/vegan options. For those who like that homemade quality, you won’t be disappointed, particularly by their selection of pies that they tend to bring on Wig Wednesday.

Check out the Wig & Pen.

Should Italian be your thing, this family run restaurant is worth taking a closer look at. Located on Hickmott Road, it’s a deli that uses fresh, quality produce which comes in at a good price. You can get pizza by the slice and sandwiches that will fill you up for the long day ahead. If you’re looking to eat somewhere in the sun, the Botanical Gardens are just a few steps away. This is great foodie fun on the go and you won’t be disappointed.

Find out more about Nonna’s.

The Wick at Both Ends
This is another pub eating fest that has practically everything for those who love to party and eat. It’s open until 2am during the week, 3am Friday and Saturday. You can get tasty little snacks to keep you going during the evening and the main courses are pretty reasonable (and substantial) at around a fiver. You’ll find plenty of classic dishes here, certainly enough to keep you going. Great for a long day out hiking in the Peak District or exploring the sights.

Discover the Wick here.

Fusion Organic Café
If you support homegrown produce and organic farming, this is one café you are going to want to find out more about. While there’s plenty of standard fayre, there are also some pretty exotic dishes to make your mouth water. And if you love your coffee, this has a range that will certainly give you that fresh brewed caffeine kick just when you need it.

Find out about Fusion Organic.

The Street Food Chef
Popular with the university students, there are three different locations to choose from around the city centre. It’s cheap and cheerful fast food that’s a step up from your average burger bar. This has a distinct Mexican flavour with tasty burritos and tantalising tacos. You’re certain to get a great burst of flavour and it won’t break the bank either.

Discover more about Street Food Chef.

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