Sheffield Culture-Oriented Travelogue

In 2013, Sheffield made the shortlist for the first city to be designatedas ‘UK City of Culture’

The heart of Sheffield pumps due the existence of culture; and culture subsists with its people. Culture cannot be delineated as an inherited aspect, but it is rather visualized as a process which entails and relies on people’s engagement with the city. The remnants of heritage is what enriches the culture of Sheffield. Sheffield is a beautiful landscape of art which is yet unknown to many eyes.


While we appreciate art, it would be unjust to not visit the dwellings of artistic masterpieces in Sheffield. Among many, Millennium Gallery stands as a treasury of the most influential artworks while it is also home to Sheffield’s extensive Ruskin Collection and Metalwork Collection with more than 13,000 objectsexhibiting Sheffield’s industrial heritage.While there are also other must-visit galleries including;

Graves Gallery
Site Gallery
99 Mary Street
B&B Gallery
Bloc Projects in Sheffield
Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery
APG Works

With a colossal number of 40 cinema screens to opt for; Sheffield is a film lover’s heaven. One can also relish the phenomenal experience of multiplex screen cinemas at Meadowhall and Valley Centertainment. Sheffield is also honoured with one IMAX laser projection screen in England, out of two in total. Since Sheffield is the city of students, the Students’ Union cinema projects four films per week accommodating almost 400 people. With respect to cinemas and films, the newcomer Yorkshire Silent Film Festival is one that no cinema aficionados can afford to miss. Cinemas in Sheffield can satisfy the tastes and senses of various kinds of people.

Literary places in Sheffield

For many modern-day Keats, there are countless live literature functions organized in Sheffield on a regular basis which allows anyone to perform under an open-mic session. Under the name of Writing Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University offers dwellers of Sheffield the chance to take up Literature to levels like never before. There is a dynamic culture of writing in the Steel City of Sheffield. Theatres and art spaces also offer literature events because Hallam is aware that there is huge content, but appreciating that content through media and public is what the city lacks. Therefore, while visiting Sheffield, one can look forward to Literature festivals. Believe it or not, you may find quite a few contemporary John Ruskins while touring.


‘Sheffield Comedy Festival’ is held in October which prolongs an entire month, and is now recognized as the largest comedy festival in England.
‘Fright Night’ is a Halloween festival set up amidst Sheffield city and this is also popularized as one of Britain’s Biggest Halloween Parties with more than 40,000 people attending the event.
Initiated in 1994, the ‘Sheffield International Documentary Festival’ is acclaimed UK’s leading documentary festival.
‘Tramlines’ is a multi-venue music festival which spans for a week long in the month of July. It was only in 2010 that the event audience was around 125,000; and the stats as of now, in 2018, would be mind blowing for sure.
‘Summer Sounds’ is a two-day world music event held every year in Sheffield.

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